Chapter 212: Heavenly Peak vs Ashen Flats Sect

“Everyone be on alert. Someone has entered our campsite.” Jun Xiaomo retrieved her Transmittance Talisman and whispered into it.

She had earlier handed everyone one Transmittance Talisman, and she even drew up a few more such talismans because there was not enough to go around. Her actions were smooth and natural, and she took only one attempt to create each talisman. Everyone around her was incredibly astonished at her actions.

Is Jun Xiaomo of the Heavenly Peak a spell master or a talisman master? How could she be so proficient with talismans and formation arrays at such a young, tender age?!

Regardless, they could appreciate the usefulness of Jun Xiaomo’s talismans and formation arrays. Just like right now, Jun Xiaomo had discreetly warned the others of the approach of uninvited guests through her Transmittance Talisman so that they would not alert their visitors to their knowledge.

Some of the disciples in her camp were too soundly asleep and failed to wake up to Jun Xiaomo’s call. Fortunately, the others beside them nudged them and roused them from their slumber.

“What’s going on?” They murmured as they rubbed their hazy eyes.

“Someone’s approaching. Wake up.” Jun Xiaomo’s clear and crisp voice resounded beside their ears. Her voice was like a resounding bell that immediately jolted the groggy disciples right out of their stupor.

Someone’s approaching at this time of the night? Who could it be?

Just like that, their hard-earned rest at night was disrupted by the approach of some unknown people. Anyone disturbed like that would hardly be pleased.

With frustration and indignation swelling from the depths...

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