Chapter 211: Sneak Attack at Night

Jun Xiaomo was unaware that the Heavenly Peak had already become a target in the group battles. But her constant vigilance for the unknown meant that she would habitually set up a large barrier protecting their campsites during the night.

These formation arrays used by Jun Xiaomo at night prevented the spread of their spiritual energy beyond the boundaries of the array, which in turn allowed them to remain concealed from smaller and weaker spiritual beasts or demonic beasts.

It was also for this very reason the Eternal Summit Sect’s disciples had not been able to locate the whereabouts of the Heavenly Peak disciples. Jun Xiaomo’s formation array had coincidentally thwarted the Eternal Summit Sect’s attempts to locate them.

“Martial sister Xiaomo, you’re too amazing. How are you so well-versed with these formation arrays and talismans?” An enchanting and beautiful female cultivator with a loud personality pressed her hand firmly on Jun Xiaomo’s shoulder as she exclaimed.

This female cultivator was called Meng Huanqiu, and she was the leader of the Purple Hut Sect. Just like the Dragontiger Sect, the Purple Hut Sect disciples had been rescued by Jun Xiaomo and her team on the first day of the competition. As soon as they had been rescued, they insisted on travelling together with the Heavenly Peak disciples and following their lead.

There was another reason...

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