Chapter 210: The Du Clan Disciples’ Exploitation of Garbage

Dai Yanfeng watched on as the Du Clan disciples killed the swamp monster and retrieved its inner core, yet he simply couldn’t find a suitable excuse to explain the situation away.

Seeing Ge Kaibo’s bloodshot eyes, Dai Yanfeng knew that the relationship between the Boundless Peace Sect and the Eternal Summit Sect had completely broken down and reached a state where it was completely irreparable. If not for the fact that the competition prevented sects from clashing with each other outside of the competition itself, perhaps Ge Kaibo might well have led the rest of his sect and commenced an all-out battle against the Eternal Summit Sect for vengeance right now.

“Dai Yanfeng, you and your good Eternal Summit Sect disciples. Don’t you dare think for a moment that the Boundless Peace Sect is someone to bully and walk all over. We will settle our score with you one day!” Ge Kaibo declared as he swished his sleeve, and an incisive wind blade carved a line horizontally across the ground between Dai Yanfeng and himself.

He was cutting off all his ties with Dai Yanfeng and the Eternal Summit Sect.

Just then, the water screen displayed yet another development on the marshlands with the Eternal Summit Sect disciples. One of the surviving Boundless Peace Sect disciples tugged gently at the legs of a disciple from the Eternal Summit Sect, hoping that they would extend a helping hand to save his life.

The swamp monster...

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