Chapter 209: Rift Between Two Sects! The Livid Boundless Peace Sect

Outside the marshlands, several members of the audience found themselves glancing over at the Eternal Summit Sect’s seating area as they whispered to one another discreetly.

“These Eternal Summit Sect disciples are far too heartless. They’ve not evinced any intention to help out the other sects in need.”

“Isn’t that so? Failing to help out is one thing; while attempting to help out is quite something else. These Eternal Summit Sect disciples don’t even have the intention to help out to begin with, and they’re content to simply stand idly by as other sects perish before their very eyes. They’re practically cold-blooded. In fact, I hear that the Eternal Summit Sect and the Boundless Peace Sect had always been on good terms. I wonder why they’re so heartless towards them this time.”

“Could it be the instructions of the Eternal Summit Sect’s Sect Leader and Sect Elders?”

“It could be…”

Dai Yanfeng could not hear the exact details of the conversations panning out between the other audience members who were whispering to each other, but he could vaguely guess what they were gossiping about. After all, the dirty glances the Eternal Summit Sect was getting from various members of the audience were far too obvious!

Dai Yanfeng had the urge to declare that these were not the disciples from the Eternal Summit Sect and that they were Du Clan’s disciples to begin with. But who would believe him? And even if they believed him,...

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