Chapter 208: Cold-Hearted Du Clan Disciples

As soon as Jun Xiaomo mentioned that the meat of the Colossal Centipede might be poisonous, nobody dared to approach it anymore. Instead, they simply stared with widened eyes as Jun Xiaomo continued to treat the Colossal Centipede’s meat.

They watched on as Jun Xiaomo knocked hard on one of the Colossal Centipede’s legs and retrieved a small round object. Then, she ground that object into a powder before spreading it all over the Colossal Centipede’s meat. Moments later, she retrieved a talisman from her Interspatial Ring, ground it to powder and similarly scattered it all over the Colossal Centipede’s meat. Finally, she dug about in the marshlands before digging up a plain and simple tuft of wild grass, squeezed out the pulp from within and drizzled that over the centipede’s meat as well.

“Alright, that’ll do. We can grill it after approximately one incense stick of time.” Jun Xiaomo announced to the Heavenly Peak disciples and the Dragontiger Sect disciples alike.

Everyone: ……

Martial sister Xiaomo/sister Xiaomo, can this really be eaten? This was the thought on everyone’s heart.

When they thought about volunteering to eat the Colossal Centipede’s meat, the disciples from the Dragontiger Sect couldn’t help but gulp down in dismay as another thought surfaced in their minds – Is it too late to reject eating the meat of this Colossal Centipede? Would lady Jun be upset, especially after the amount of effort she’s put into treating the meat?

Jun Xiaomo pretended not to notice the changes in their facial expressions. After all, she was fully aware of the fact that what she had done seemed immensely...

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