Chapter 207: Luo Xuyuan’s Gratitude, Joining Hands with Dragontiger Sect

The moment of danger had finally passed. Just some moments ago, Death still loomed grimly over the heads of the Dragontiger Sect disciples, and none of them thought that they would live to see the next day. Thus, when they finally came to their senses, they were overwhelmed with immense joy, and everyone began to hug each other and cheer from the bottom of their hearts.

They had always been cultivating hard within the safety of their sect’s four walls, and this was the first time they had encountered such a dangerous situation in their lives. It was the closest shave to death they had ever had.

When the elation from snatching their lives back from the jaws of Death subsided, Luo Xuyuan finally remembered their benefactors – the Dawn Sect, Heavenly Peak disciples.

“Brother Chen, thank you for responding to our call for help earlier. Until the day we die, the disciples from the Dragontiger Sect shall never forget your magnanimity and benefaction!” Luo Xuyuan sincerely bowed, and even choked slightly as he thanked the Heavenly Peak disciples from the bottom of his heart.

Their leader had already perished to the Colossal Centipede earlier. How great would it have been if they had managed to encounter the Heavenly Peak disciples that much earlier?

Chen Feiyu nodded his head, before clarifying, “Actually, it’s Little Lang here who made the decision to rescue you. If there’s anyone you should thank, it’s him.”

As he...

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