Chapter 206: The Mutated Colossal Centipede

Jun Xiaomo had emphasized time and again that she would be entrusting Wei Gaolang with the right to decide whether to rescue the next set of cultivators in trouble. Since she had given her word, she would never dispute his decision once he had made up his mind.

The most important thing to note was that each of them possessed several talismans with them. Even if they were unable to defeat the oncoming beast, they would still be able to retreat with their lives intact. Thus, there was no real risk to life and limb here.

Chen Feiyu thought the same way as well. Thus, he waved his hand and instructed, “Prepare to rescue them.”

When he noticed how decisive Chen Feiyu was, Wei Gaolang’s expressions became even more rigid. He was afraid that his decision would end up hurting his martial brothers and sisters.

Jun Xiaomo walked over towards Wei Gaolang and patted his shoulders, “Don’t worry, since you’ve already decided, then deal with it bravely. Whether it’s a good or best decision, you’ve got to learn to accept the decision you’ve made.”

Just like how she had dealt with all of her decisions in her past – it was only when one etched and carved these decisions on their heart that they would be able to learn and mature.

Wei Gaolang thought about what Jun Xiaomo had just said. He clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, before nodding resolutely, “Alright. I understand, martial sister!”

Jun Xiaomo smiled as she patted...

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