Chapter 205: Increasing Clarity on the Potential of Group Battle Tactics

At the beginning, the outcomes of the Heavenly Peak’s implementation of the group battle tactics were hardly desirable.

This was primarily attributable to the fact that most disciples were already used to a one-versus-one type of combat. Even when they were all attacking the same target, everyone was simply minding their own business when they did so. Everyone focused on their own attacks, and they hardly concerned themselves with timing and coordinating their attacks with the people around them.

Naturally, they would lend a helping hand during an emergency, but regular teamwork only extended so far. As for battle formations, rotation of offensive and defensive roles, flanking attacks, nobody had heard of these things before.

Jun Xiaomo knew that it was practically impossible to imbibe her martial brothers with these tactics the same within a short span of three days. Furthermore, such knowledge was useless if it remained as head knowledge. It was only when they internalized these practices through combat experience that it would become something that they could wield as an advantage in battle.

Thus, Jun Xiaomo thought about it and decided to split her martial brothers up into five teams of four, depending on their individual combat styles.

Then, within each of these smaller teams, each person would attempt to work their way through the exact style of combat that synergized best with the rest of his teammates. At the same time, they would work on entrusting their...

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