Chapter 204: Weakest Team vs Dream Team

After resting for approximately one hour, everyone was finally renewed and refreshed for the journey ahead.

The deeper they entered the marshlands, the more humid and cool their surroundings grew. Each step felt as though they were going sink into the depths of the marshlands in the very next moments. From time to time, they would even come across some sticky substances in the marshlands that seemed to be the remnants of a beast’s saliva or mucus. It was absolutely disgusting and nauseating.

This was the first time that Wei Gaolang had come across such an environment, and it was understandable that he found it hard to get used to. If not for the fact that his martial brothers and sisters remained as cool as a cucumber about their surroundings, he might already have run to the side and thrown up violently.

But now, he fervently suppressed that urge for the sake of his teenage pride, and his face appeared so constipated that it almost turned a sickly green.

“Little Lang, perk up a little. You’ll have to be careful to avoid those swamp bubbles that are surfacing in these marshlands. If you step into the swamp bubbles, sinking into the depths of the marshlands might be the least of your concerns. Those swamp bubbles might very well be concealing a spirit beast or a demonic beast. If you alarm those beasts, then it might become a problem for all of us.

Wei Gaolang nodded his head listlessly. But before he finished nodding his head, his feet immediately landed on one of these bubbles, and...

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