Chapter 203: The Audience’s Surprise, Crescentfell Sect’s End

Having forged ahead for slightly over five minutes, and after ensuring that they were a good distance away from the annoying, abrasive disciples from the Crescentfell Sect, Chen Feiyu turned around and addressed the Heavenly Peak disciples, “Everyone has worked hard earlier. Let’s take a break and adjust our conditions.”

Several disciples revealed a slightly relieved expression on their face, and they began to look about at their surroundings and pick out a good spot to take a break at.

The Heavenly Peak disciples had expended a fair amount of energy disposing of the Sand Scorpions earlier. Now that the moment of danger was over, they would be wise to take some time to rest and recover to prepare for the road ahead.

Jun Xiaomo furrowed her brows as she looked at the ground below. She stamped on it, and she discovered that whilst the ground here was slightly softer, it was still relatively firm compared with the rest of the marshlands.

She still had her reservations about their current location. At the very least, from the current clues that she had gleaned from her surroundings, she knew that they had not arrived at the safest possible place.

Thus, Jun Xiaomo walked up to Chen Feiyu and informed him of her own views.

“A monarch-grade spirit beast with earth-based spiritual roots?” Chen Feiyu immediately furrowed his brows. He had heard of such monarch-grade beasts before, but hearing was hardly the same as seeing, much less appreciating the extent of what these monarch-grade beasts could do.

“That’s right. It could even be a monarch-grade demonic beast.” Jun Xiaomo explained earnestly, “If my guess isn’t wrong, this entire place should have been a patch of marshlands, and it had only become what it is now because of this monarch-grade beast. As to why I say this is a monarch-grade beast…” Jun Xiaomo chuckled bitterly, “Apart from a monarch-grade beast, I really don’t know any other type of spirit or demonic beast that...

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