Chapter 202: The Crescentfell Sect’s Accusations

The luck of the Crescentfell Sect disciples was hardly great compared with that of the Heavenly Peak disciples. The Crescentfell Sect’s starting position was directly in the midst of a Sand Scorpion nest. To these Sand Scorpions, fresh meat falling from the sky was practically tantamount to a godsent meal. Having sensed the arrival of these delectable delights, the Sand Scorpions hastily burrowed out of their nests brandishing their massive pincers as they welcomed their “gifts”.

Fortunately, the overall abilities of the Crescentfell Sect disciples could hardly be considered weak. Their garments had even been refined and imbued with some defensive capabilities. Thus, under the confluence of these factors, the Crescentfell Sect disciples managed to avoid certain death upon landing.

That said, avoiding the Sand Scorpions’ initial attack was naturally not the same as being completely in the clear. As soon as the Sand Scorpions discovered that their prey had evaded their first strikes, they began to thrash about and charge madly at the Crescentfell Sect disciples.

This was one of the reasons why Jun Xiaomo and the rest had decided to stand at the side and observe this battle between man and scorpion when they first arrived at the battlefield.

“The anomalous ground in this part of the marshlands might have something to do with those Sand Scorpions. Look! Those mounds of mud and dirt are evidently created by the Sand Scorpions. These Sand Scorpions must possess earth-based spiritual roots.” Jun Xiaomo analyzed.

When she was on the run in her previous life, Jun Xiaomo had encountered several spiritual beasts and demonic beasts that similarly possessed earth-based spiritual roots. Back then, she had noticed that the ground around these creatures would always be somewhat anomalous or unusual compared with the rest of the surroundings. She later discovered that...

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