Chapter 201: The Group Battles Begin, Chen Feiyu’s Secret

Once all the group battle participants had gone through the verification process, the panel of referees led the participants from the various Secondary Sects to a sequestered part of the competition grounds and directed them to stand on a massive formation array.

Each of these participants possessed an identity token with them that contained the particulars of their personal vitals. The backs of these identity tokens were further marked with each of their sect’s emblems and each was imbued with their sect’s unique seals. There was no way to falsify these tokens.

This was a confirmation of their identity, and it was also a means of obtaining points during these group battles – as soon as someone else snatched their identity tokens away, that person would be disqualified, and he would be immediately transported to the entrance to the marshlands, while the person who had snatched their identity token would have five points added to his sect’s total score.

However, in order to prevent the sects from scrambling madly at each other at the commencement of these group battles, the massive formation array would send each group of participants to different locations at the marshlands in accordance with the marks on their tokens. Then, it would be entirely up to their luck whether they would encounter other groups over the course of the group battles.

This way, everything was left up to luck – there was a possibility that a group would not encounter any disciples from other sects over the entire duration of the group battles; yet there was equally a possibility that a group would find themselves attacked by another sect right from the onset.

The Heavenly Peak had a total of twenty-three disciples, and twenty of these were involved in the present group battles, including Wei Gaolang.

“Mar-…Martial sister…I…I’m...

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