Chapter 200: Dispute Before the Group Battles

With low spirits and heavy hearts among the Heavenly Peak disciples, the day of the group battles had finally arrived.

Early this morning, Jun Linxuan had summoned all of his disciples who were participating in the group battles and gathered them together in a room within the inn so that he could check if they had prepared everything they needed within their Interspatial Rings. Jun Xiaomo was among the disciples who had gathered.

The Interspatial Ring in Jun Xiaomo’s palm was not the one she usually carried. Rather, it was an Interspatial Ring distributed by the competition organizers for the purposes of these battles. These competition Interspatial Rings were marked with the organizing committee’s emblems, and they had to be returned once the group battles ended.

These competition Interspatial Rings possessed far less space in them when compared with their own personal Interspatial Rings. This also meant that participants would have to be circumspect about the items that they were going to bring into battle. At the very least, they would not be able to bring everything that they usually would in their own personal travels.

As such, the stacks of talismans that Jun Xiaomo had earlier prepared for her martial brothers had now come in handy, and each disciple had consequently also stored them within the competition Interspatial Rings as well.

But over and above all that, Jun Xiaomo had retrieved every single talisman in her personal Interspatial Ring and stuffed all of them into her competition Interspatial Ring, just in case she needed to use them during the group battles.

Placing well in the group battles were secondary to Jun Xiaomo. What was most important was for these martial brothers and sisters from Heavenly Peak to return safely from the marshlands. She could not and did not wish to lose a single person!


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