Chapter 199: Consolation in the Deep of the Night

In the end, Jun Linxuan did not give Jun Xiaomo any definitive answer about establishing a new sect. That said, he no longer met her idea with the same amount of rejection and disdain as before.

When all was said and done, Jun Linxuan was still far more concerned about the safety and future of his disciples from the Heavenly Peak than the Dawn Sect as a whole. Furthermore, the Dawn Sect’s recent acts of bullying had left him utterly disappointed.

After Jun Xiaomo and Jun Linxuan departed from the meeting room, the Dawn Sect’s Fifth Elder snorted disdainfully, “Like father, like daughter. Jun Xiaomo’s temper is even worse than her father’s. How dare she oppose us seniors like that! She’s become far too unruly and headstrong!”

The Second Elder sipped his tea as he calmly responded, “The young are brash and reckless. She hasn’t experienced life enough to understand that her parents cannot possibly protect her for her whole life. That’s why she doesn’t have any regard for anyone. That said, it’s only going to be a matter of time before she falls hard.”

“I’m afraid that we won’t have to wait too long for that either, huh? Hmph. Didn’t those Heavenly Peak brats proclaim themselves to be extremely capable? We’ll give them the chance to showcase their solidarity and abilities here. Let’s see if they have the ability to place well in the group battles then.” The Pill Cauldron Peak’s Peakmaster chuckled sardonically.

Even though they were both Peakmasters, he absolutely hated Jun Linxuan. After all, everyone would immediately think of the Heavenly Peak first whenever the Dawn Sect was mentioned. The Heavenly Peak’s ever-growing glory meant that the Pill Cauldron Peak had always been left in their shadows. This was how humble and meek the Pill Cauldron Peak’s existence had always been.

The Pill Cauldron Peak’s Peakmaster had gnashed his teeth while...

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