Chapter 197: Uninvited Guest at Night

It was a cold and dark night, and the moon hung high in the sky as it cast an eerie glow over the lands. At the foot of the Heavenly Crane Mountain, the hustle and bustle of the evening had already dispersed, and the crowds had all returned to their abodes to retire for the night. All that remained were faint glows of candlelight that sporadically illuminated a few rooms – their owners were unable to sleep.

In the Eternal Summit Sect’s lodging area, Dai Yanfeng was among one of the few who had been unable to retire for the night. Under the dim candlelight, his grip stiffened around a piece of paper that was filled with words, and a complicated gaze filled his eyes.

This piece of paper reported the current standings of each sect in the Secondary Inter-Sect Competition. It was detailed with the results of each and every competition, the number of points allocated to each sect per battle, and the current position of each sect in the rankings.

The Eternal Summit Sect had presently taken first place, but it was only a few points ahead of the Dawn Sect. As long as the Dawn Sect defeated the Eternal Summit Sect again, then they would without a doubt steal the first position away from the Eternal Summit Sect.

Thus, even though they were presently placed first, Dai Yanfeng knew that this was nothing to celebrate about. At the very least, it was still far too early to celebrate.

However, this was not the main reason that had kept Dai Yanfeng up at night. What he was most concerned about was that among all of the points accumulated by the Dawn Sect, forty percent of them were attributable to the Heavenly Peak disciples under Jun Linxuan.

Furthermore, Dai Yanfeng had heard something else on the grapevine – as a result of the Dawn Sect’s...

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