Chapter 196: Yet Another Change of Group Battle Participants

After several rounds of incredible and arduous battles, Jun Xiaomo had managed to etch herself into the annals of history among the world of Secondary Sects. Wherever she went, disciples from many sects would drop what they were doing and cast looks of admiration on her as though she were their idol.

Yet all of this was quite understandable. After all, it was already rare to find cultivators who were able to make up for their cultivation level deficiencies and defeat opponents of a stronger cultivation base. And what Jun Xiaomo had done was far more incredible than this, because she had defeated several opponents in a row to take the title of champion. This signified the emergence of a talent that could only be seen once every few hundred years.

At the very least, the last time this had happened was four hundred years ago, when a spiritual cultivator had overcome all odds against his cultivation level deficiency and come out victorious in the competition. This spiritual cultivator later established himself as a sect elder of a Greater Sect.

Thus, Jun Xiaomo’s actions had spoken far louder than any words. Who would still dare to label Jun Xiaomo as the trash among all spiritual cultivators and the disgrace of the Dawn Sect? In fact, the public had already turned their attention towards mocking the people within the Dawn Sect who had failed to realize Jun Xiaomo’s abilities and treated that hidden pearl as nothing more than...

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