Chapter 195: Final Victor of the Lower Category Battles

Yu Wanrou was also deeply concerned with how Qin Lingyu saw her. Before the competition began, she glanced over at the Dawn Sect seating area with a soft gaze that was filled with tears. Unfortunately, the distance was simply too great, and she was unable to clearly see the expressions on Qin Lingyu’s face.

Yu Wanrou bit down on her lower lip, and a trace of frustration flickered across her eyes.

Off the arena, those who had experienced a split second of Yu Wanrou’s gaze when she swept her gaze across the audience towards Qin Lingyu felt their bodies stiffen up and turn numb slightly.

Such a pitiable beauty like her truly tempts a person to pull her into a warm embrace and give her a sense of security! Several male disciples exclaimed in their hearts.

It had to be said that Yu Wanrou had always known how to play to her strengths to stimulate the sympathy and affection in male cultivator’s hearts.

Jun Xiaomo watched Yu Wanrou’s act indifferently as she lightly lashed out with the whip in her hands.

Just then, the chief referee stood up and rang the bill in his hands – Ding ding!

“I hereby announce – the grand finals of the Lower Category battles begins now!”

As soon as the referee’s declaration of the commencement of battle resounded, Jun Xiaomo’s spirits flourished and she burst straight towards Yu Wanrou with an explosive attack as she brandished the whip in her hands.

Fast! Yu Wanrou was still immersed...

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