Chapter 193: He Zhang’s Unwillingness, Du Clan Head’s Ploy

There was a sea of people applauding Jun Xiaomo in the audience. On the arena, Jun Xiaomo was unable to distinguish the exact people applauding for her right now, but she could tell from their applause that these people were truly and sincerely celebrating her victory. It was an undoubted affirmation of her abilities.

Jun Xiaomo coiled up her whip and stored it within her Interspatial Ring as she smiled genially at the audience as a display of her appreciation. Even though her beauty had been diluted by a layer of dirt and streaks of blood stain all over her body, Jun Xiaomo continued to gaze at the audience with her glistening, dazzling eyes that were filled with determination and confidence.

Their applause grew wilder. There was even a cultivator in the audience who nudged his friend with a flushed face as he remarked abashedly, “I think I’m beginning to grow even fonder of Jun Xiaomo. What do I do now? Do you think there’s any hope for me to woo her?”

His friend rolled his eyes and derided mischievously, “Do you think you’re the only one who thinks this way? I’m afraid that countless male cultivators would’ve fallen for her after such a remarkable showing at this battle. You can consider your prospects after you’ve defeated these bucketloads of love rivals. Besides, doesn’t she already have someone she likes? Look over there –”

His friend pointed at Rong Ruihan; a man presently seated at the Heavenly Peak’s seating area. The first cultivator was taken aback when he saw Rong Ruihan. After comparing his abilities and his appearances with Rong Ruihan, he gulped in dismay, before wholeheartedly extinguishing the budding affection for Jun Xiaomo in his heart.

Jun Xiaomo had undoubtedly...

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