Chapter 192: The Dust Settles on the Second Battle

Dai Yue brandished her whip and lashed it at the floor from time to time as she walked slowly towards Jun Xiaomo, one step at a time.

“Jun Xiaomo, weren’t you so arrogant just a while back? Weren’t you extremely confident that you would be able to defeat me? Look at me. Who’s the winner now, huh?” Dai Yue chuckled contemptuously as she looked at Jun Xiaomo with disgust as though she were looking at vermin, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ll bet you can’t even lift your head now, huh? Tsk tsk, pitiful. You look just like a dog that’s just lost its master.”

Dai Yue’s voice was picked up and projected into the audience by the Voice Amplification Array. Many people in the audience frowned when they heard her spiel.

After all, nobody liked a savage person who took pleasure in trampling on the pride of others. Even if her opponent had lost the battle, she should still accord her with some respect.

Dai Yue walked over to Jun Xiaomo’s side and bend over, whispering, “I see that you’re suffering a lot. Shall I send you on your way then? It’ll be quick and easy. Just one whip would do.”

Whilst Jun Xiaomo remained taciturn, her body quivered slightly. However, since Jun Xiaomo had fallen face forward, Dai Yue was unable to clearly see the expression on Jun Xiaomo’s face at this moment.

Thus, Dai Yue interpreted her taciturn quivering response as “Jun Xiaomo’s fear”, and her face was plastered with a wicked, delighted smile.

Jun Xiaomo’s present appearance was finally one and the same as that female disciple that her mother had murdered years ago.

That’s right. That’s how it should be! They should quiver as they remain on the floor. This is their penance for what they have done!

Dai Yue viciously exclaimed in her heart. Then, she straightened her back and raised the whip in her hand –

She was going to use the strongest ability available to her as a cultivator at the ninth level...

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