Chapter 191: Incredibly Difficult Battle

Jun Xiaomo paused in her steps. She immediately retracted her attack and then increased the distance between herself and Dai Yue.

Ever since Liang Yulong had cautioned her that Dai Yue’s true abilities were at the ninth level of Qi Mastery, she had always remained vigilant against Dai Yue. The competition’s regulations naturally disallowed the use of medicinal pills to suppress and conceal one’s true cultivation level. If anyone was discovered to have flouted this rule, there would be grave and severe consequences.

But if Dai Yue had found a way of bribing the referees, then this would naturally no longer be an issue. After all, being a referee of the competition did not necessarily mean that they would be impartial and insusceptible to corruption. After all, the human heart was naturally avaricious. This was something that Jun Xiaomo would never underestimate, given her previous lifetime of experience.

As expected, as soon as Dai Yue had realized that she was unable to defeat Jun Xiaomo at status quo, she decided to resort to her trump card – that is, to consume the antidote to her cultivation suppressing medication and release the true extent of her cultivation level.

In the eyes of the audience, Dai Yue seemed to be breaking through in the midst of combat. But what Dai Yue had in fact done was much safer than that.

Dai Yue was currently only recovering the full extent of her cultivation level, and there were hardly...

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