Chapter 190: Dai Yue’s Frenzy

Things in the arena were quite different from what the audience members thought. Even though Dai Yue’s attacks were aggressive, relentless and seemed all-encompassing, Dai Yue’s heart was not filled with delight at the situation at all. In fact, her heart only grew more and more frustrated as time went by.

Dai Yue had been taught to use the whip by the Third Elder of the Eternal Summit Sect, the strongest whip user in the entire sect. Thus, she had always possessed immense confidence in her own abilities with the whip.

Furthermore, Dai Yue had often sparred with her martial brothers and sisters from the Eternal Summit Sect. Each time she did so, she would invariably viciously force her martial brothers and sisters off the stage with her whip. This further increased her self-confidence with the whip.

It was in such circumstances that Dai Yue adjudged that there was going to be no suspense as to the outcome of this battle at all. She was going to win. She was bound to win at all costs.

However, as soon as her surprise attack at the commencement of the duel entirely missed Jun Xiaomo, Dai Yue immediately realized that things might not be as smooth sailing as she had earlier thought it would be.

She fervently suppressed the swelling sense of frustrations and uneasiness in her heart as she glared viciously at Jun Xiaomo. Yet to her horror, Jun Xiaomo chuckled lightheartedly at her.

Damn! Jun Xiaomo must be doing this on purpose! She’s mocking me! She’s laughing at me!

Thus, Dai Yue imbued her whip with even more spiritual energy than she had done before. With a macabre glint in her eyes, Dai Yue began to lash at Jun Xiaomo with her whip once more!

Her heart was crying out to kill Jun Xiaomo. But the precondition was that she had to be able to kill Jun Xiaomo...

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