Chapter 189: The Rejected Stake

Gossip thrived where people gathered – this was one of the fundamental tenets of human interaction. Apart from a minority who were particularly stern and somber, most people loved gossiping.

Just like now, when Dai Yue first announced her condition for the bet, several people glanced around curiously as they attempted to locate the “brother Rong” that was mentioned by Dai Yue.

From what Dai Yue had announced, the audience gathered that it seemed to be a love triangle – two female cultivators from different sects had fallen in love with the same male cultivator. Not only had they vied for this male cultivator’s attention, they had even laid down a bet such that the winner of this duel would be able to earn for herself the attention and favor of that male cultivator.

Almost eighty percent of all the male cultivators within the audience admired this “brother Rong” mentioned by Dai Yue. After all, few people possessed such luck with women to be able to attract the affection of two beautiful female cultivators like the ones on the arena right now.

Even if one sets aside the ladies’ appearances for now, just their backing and stature alone was already sufficient to cause one to salivate.

One was the daughter of the Heavenly Peak’s...

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