Chapter 188: The Much-Anticipated Battle

Given that He Zhang had been unable to spike her food, Jun Xiaomo had initially expected He Zhang to send Qin Lingyu to personally see that Jun Xiaomo somehow consumes the Bedeviled Grass. Yet all Qin Lingyu did was to greet her from afar before slipping over to a table some distance away. There were over ten tables separating Jun Xiaomo’s seat and where Qin Lingyu had plonked down at, and there was practically no way he would be able to make a move in the circumstances.

Thus, Jun Xiaomo continued to tap her lower lip with her index finger as she contemplated how He Zhang was going to make his next move.

Sigh. It’s really terrible that my opponents are moving in the dark while their schemes are looming over my head. How great would it be if we could just separate ourselves from these troublesome people! Jun Xiaomo exclaimed in her heart.

Just then, a young man’s crisp voice shattered the tranquility of the great hall –

“Martial sister Xiaomo--!” His voice preceded his physical appearance. The young man who had just appeared was none other than the youngest and most mischievous of the Heavenly Peak disciples, Wei Gaolang. He ran down the stairs three steps at a time and sped over to Jun Xiaomo’s side like a little whirlwind.

As a result of his boisterous attitude, Jun Xiaomo’s table attracted even more attention from the rest of the great hall. Most of this attention landed directly on Rong Ruihan’s body.

Naturally, there were other looks that landed directly on the source of the commotion,...

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