Chapter 187: Rong Ruihan Undermines He Zhang’s Plans

Jun Xiaomo spent three full days and nights before she managed to finally stabilize her condition at the sixth level of Qi Mastery. Then, her second battle in the competition arrived two days thereafter.

On the morning of her battle, Jun Xiaomo woke up and washed up earlier than usual. Then, she arrived at the great hall of her inn, hoping to find a quiet corner to settle down at.

Since it was still earlier than usual, there were not many people in the great hall. The only reason why Jun Xiaomo had woken up so early was so that she could ensure that she was thoroughly prepared for her battle today.

Thus, she did not expect to see Rong Ruihan already awake and seated by the window-side, sipping a cup of tea all by himself. Several guests couldn’t help but steal glances at him when they noticed his suave and elegant disposition.

“Brother Rong, you’re early today.” Jun Xiaomo walked over to Rong Ruihan’s table and sat across him.

Rong Ruihan smiled faintly. Instantly, several young ladies who were stealing glances at him flushed with embarrassment as they gazed in astonishment at how this cold and suave man had such a warm and soft side to him as well. Unfortunately, he seems to have a partner already… They looked at Jun Xiaomo as they thought to themselves deject...

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