Chapter 186: Jun Linxuan’s Infuriated Rejection

“…Establish a new sect?” These words somehow wormed their way into Jun Xiaomo’s heart, and her heart skipped a beat.

“That’s right. Establish a new sect.” Rong Ruihan nodded. He could see Jun Xiaomo’s slightly widened eyes, and he thought that Jun Xiaomo found his suggestion rather unacceptable. Therefore, he began to break down his rationale to her –

“It seems that there’s no longer a place for the Heavenly Peak in the Dawn Sect under He Zhang’s leadership. He Zhang is an ambitious man. If he fails once, he will persist in making a second attempt, and then a third, and it will go on and on. He will undoubtedly succeed at least once if you give him a thousand tries. On the other hand, it’s only going to get increasingly more difficult for you to thwart each and every attempt of his. They’re engaging you in guerilla warfare, while you are exposed in the open. It’s practically impossible to keep defending like this. Thus, rather than staying within the sect and acting like a pincushion, why not leave the Dawn Sect behind and establish a new sect? This might not necessarily be a bad thing for the Heavenly Peak’s development. At the very least, you won’t be used by others anymore.”

After skipping another beat, Jun Xiaomo’s heart began to thump with excitement, and it beat faster, and faster…

That’s right! Why didn’t I think of this before?!

Ever since she had been reborn, she had only been thinking of how to take up countermeasures against He Zhang’s schemes and ploys, but she had never thought about actively changing the rules of their engagement. Furthermore, the only reason why she had not thoroughly stripped off all pretenses and ceased feigning civility entirely was because the Heavenly Peak was still considered to be part...

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