Chapter 184: Unconscious, Medicine, Awakening

He Zhang and his disciple found a secluded booth in the inn, sat down and ordered a pot of tea and some small dishes.

“Master, didn’t you discover any traces of demonic energy from that man’s body earlier?” Qin Lingyu poured a cup of tea for He Zhang as he asked.

He Zhang squinted his eyes as he recalled their earlier encounter before he shook his head, “No. Even though you’ve mentioned that he’s a demonic cultivator, your master can’t detect any anomalies in his body. I’m afraid that there must be an artefact on his body that’s presently concealing his demonic energy.

Qin Lingyu’s eyes darkened. To him, Rong Ruihan and Ye Xiuwen were like two thorns by his side that had to be removed.

But now that Ye Xiuwen had disappeared and was very likely dead, the only remaining thorn was naturally Rong Ruihan.

If possible, he wanted to reveal to the world the fact that Rong Ruihan was a demonic cultivator so that he would immediately become the target of all spiritual cultivators.

His fingers tightened around the cup in his hands as he suggested, “Master, the Inferno Kingdom’s first prince seems to be on good terms with the Heavenly Peak’s Jun Xiaomo. Would it be possible to think of a way to reveal his identity as a demonic cultivator? This would be helpful to us in the grand scheme of things.”

He Zhang deliberated for a moment before he rejected Qin Lingyu’s...

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