Chapter 183: Obstructing Rong Ruihan

Rong Ruihan used the quickest means of relaying the message back to the Chi Clan’s residence. But he knew that old man Chi might not have an answer for him so readily.

Thus, Rong Ruihan remained by Jun Xiaomo’s side until it was evening, but Jun Xiaomo still remained unconscious. The silver lining to all of this was that Jun Xiaomo’s condition did not continue to worsen – there was no way for the amount of true energy within her Dantian and meridians to increase on its own, so there was no risk of her imploding and dying in the near future. That said, the true energy within her body continued to clash about with the walls of her meridians and Dantian as long as they were not sorted out and soothed properly. Therefore, Jun Xiaomo remained in a perpetual state of unconsciousness.

Jun Linxuan’s impression of this young man had grown better over time. He deliberated for a moment before relating to Rong Ruihan, “There were quite a number of people who noticed it when you departed the competition grounds while carrying Jun Xiaomo. I’m afraid that the Eternal Summit Sect wouldn’t welcome you on their end anymore.”

The Eternal Summit Sect and the Dawn Sect had always maintained a rivalrous relationship. Thus, the fact that Rong Ruihan was close to someone within the Dawn Sect would almost certainly offend...

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