Chapter 182: Discovery of her Secret!

Rong Ruihan walked with a firm and determined gait as he carried Jun Xiaomo’s soft and limp body.

This was the first time he had been in such close contact with Jun Xiaomo. Even in those days when they had been on the run from Situ Cang, “Yao Mo” would always lie on Ye Xiuwen’s bosom as she slept in an unrestrained fashion, while he would politely steer clear of the intimate couple. In fact, whenever he attempted to draw close to Jun Xiaomo back then, she would always awaken from her slumber and glare at him in a vigilant and guarded fashion.

Naturally, things took a turn for the better later on. That said, he could still sense that his status in Jun Xiaomo’s heart was still not the same as Ye Xiuwen’s status in her heart.

And could this difference truly be explained as the difference between “friendship” and “the relationship between martial sister and brother”?

Rong Ruihan’s eyes darkened as he fervently pulled himself out from the mire of these entangling thoughts running through his mind.

Despite the slight distraction in his mind, Rong Ruihan nevertheless made haste as he brought Jun Xiaomo back to her inn.

Jun Linxuan followed closely beside them. At the same time, he discreetly sized up this young man that had seemed to appear out of nowhere.

He knew that this man had arrived at the competition grounds together...

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