Chapter 181: An Unconscious Jun Xiaomo

After bidding farewell to Jun Xiaomo, Liang Yulong’s originally sullen mood improved substantially. He finally began to understand what Jun Xiaomo meant when she said that she did not mind winning or losing, as long as they could thoroughly enjoy the process of battle. The fact that he had gained a deeper understanding of his abilities and improved his cultivation was well worth the effort despite his loss.

Yet shortly afterwards, when he was faced with Dai Yanfeng’s infuriated expressions, his gladdened heart and relaxed disposition was once again stifled and replaced by a stone that weighed down heavily on his heart.

“Master.” Liang Yulong walked up to Dai Yanfeng, lowered his head and addressed him.

Pak! Dai Yanfeng swung his arm and slapped Liang Yulong on the face. This slap was incredibly forceful, and it even caused Liang Yulong to stumble backwards slightly.

Liang Yulong had already expended most of his body’s energy during the earlier battle, and he was naturally unable to resist the forcefulness of Dai Yanfeng’s slap.

“How dare you return?! Huh?!” Dai Yanfeng gnashed his teeth as he yelled, “How dare you still call me your master? You can’t even defeat a measly piece of trash at the fifth level of Qi Mastery? You may as well have died on the arena for all I care. At least that way you won’t disgrace...

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