Chapter 180: A Difficult Victory

Breaking through in the midst of combat was one of a cultivator’s greatest fears. In rare and fortunate cases, the cultivator would barely succeed in breaking through. That said, the consequences were generally grievous injuries to say the least. Those who were less fortunate would even find their cultivation crippled, or worse, even implode and die.

To put things into better perspective, the odds of a “rare and fortunate” case was no more than one in ten thousand. In other words, out of ten thousand cultivators who broke through in the midst of combat, only one would successfully breakthrough there and then, completely unscathed. Everyone else would invariably find themselves suffering from injuries to different extents.

Jun Xiaomo’s cultivation was still fairly low, and she had slightly higher odds of successfully breaking through without a hitch. But even then, the odds of something slightly higher than ten-thousandth was still far too low.

Bear with it. Whether I win or lose, I’ll finish this battle before I breakthrough. Jun Xiaomo gritted her teeth and told herself.

That said, suppressing the changes to one’s Dantian and meridians was an incredibly painful and even unbearable process. Jun Xiaomo’s head began to spin, and her speed and ability to avoid Liang Yulong’s attacks naturally dwindled substantially.

Her thoughts began to drift to that last time she battled together with Ye Xiuwen. At that time, Ye Xiuwen had also been...

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