Chapter 178: Liang Yulong’s Change in Attitude

After Rong Ruihan left the Eternal Summit Sect’s seating area, he did not immediately leave the competition grounds. Instead, he turned around, entered the Dawn Sect’s designated seating area and located the Heavenly Peak disciples.

“Brother Wei, do you mind if I sit here?” Rong Ruihan’s steady and firm voice boomed out above Wei Gaolang’s head. There happened to be an empty seat right beside Wei Gaolang.

“Eh?! Brother Rong, what are you doing here?” Wei Gaolang only just noticed the presence of another person beside him, “Please take a seat! This was originally where martial sister Xiaomo would be seated, but I think she had planned to return straight to the inn after her battle.”

Rong Ruihan smiled, “Is that so? Thank you very much.”

Wei Gaolang waved his hands to show that he did not mind it at all, “No need for thanks. I’ve said it before, martial sister Xiaomo’s friend is also my friend!”

A faint smile crept up the corner of Rong Ruihan’s lips, and he no longer stood on ceremony as he took his seat.

Knowing that Jun Xiaomo had just been sitting here made a strangely pleasant sensation swell from within the depths of his heart. Rong Ruihan ignored this feeling and looked back towards the stage. At this moment, the Eternal Summit Sect’s disciple had also finally made his way to the stage.

Liang Yulong stood at the stage with a grimace as he gazed at Jun Xiaomo with a desolate expression on his face.

That’s right, desolate. His talent for cultivation couldn’t be considered high, so he had only managed to attain the eighth level of Qi...

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