Chapter 177: Repaying Good with Evil – Dai Yue and Her Father

The seventh day of the Secondary Inter-Sect Competition was also the final day of the first round of the Lower Category battles. This was also the day when each participating sect would send their strongest disciples within the first eight levels of Qi Mastery. Generally speaking, it was rare to see any participant under the eighth level of Qi Mastery on the final day of the competition.

One could only imagine what kind of potential opponents Jun Xiaomo was going to square off against today.

“Those old fogeys within the Sect must have done this on purpose! Given her cultivation level, martial sister should clearly have made her appearance on the first day of the competition. But they intentionally arranged it such that martial sister’s only making her appearance on the seventh day. Aren’t they simply bullying martial sister?!” Wei Gaolang waved his fist in the air with righteous indignation. He puffed up his round, chubby cheeks even more than usual, and he looked almost as though he were ready to duke it out with the old fogeys within the Sect.

This fifteen years-old youth felt wronged on Jun Xiaomo’s behalf.

“Alright, I’m not even angry about this, so what have you got to be angry about?” Jun Xiaomo chuckled as she rapped his head lightly.

“I’m angry for martial sister! I don’t understand how martial sister can be so calm at the present situation.” Wei Gaolang clutched at his head as he cried out with exasperation.

“What else can I do but remained composed? Those old fogeys have already set me in their sights since a long time ago. It’s not the first day that Little Lang has known of...

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