Chapter 176: Breakfast with Extra Ingredients

Dai Yue tossed and turned for the entire night as her intense jealousy and hatred stirred in her heart.

She sincerely hoped that she would be able to encounter Jun Xiaomo when she made her appearance the very next day. She would shuck her bones and pluck out her nerves and let everyone watch in horror as that vermin crawled around on stage, begging for mercy. At that time, Rong Ruihan would be able to see for himself who truly had the right to stand beside him.

Unfortunately, Dai Yue lacked a little bit of luck in this regard, and she was separated from Jun Xiaomo in the very first round of the competitions. She made her appearance on the sixth day of the Lower Category battles, while Jun Xiaomo was slated to appear on the seventh day.

The only passable silver lining to this was that Jun Xiaomo’s first opponent was also from the Eternal Summit Sect....

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