Chapter 175: My Heart Belongs to You

After dinner, Jun Xiaomo and Rong Ruihan took a stroll towards the adjoining, busier street where a mid-autumn-like lantern festivity was being celebrated.

Back in the Dawn Sect, Jun Xiaomo was practically faced with the threat of danger to life and limb at all times, and there was hardly a moment where she could let her guard down. Right now, as she walked along the bustling street at night and took in the loud chatter and commotion, her thoughts drifted further and further away from her burdens and duties, and Jun Xiaomo suddenly realized that she could once again let loose and be in the present for once.

“There seems to be a crowd over there. Do you know what they’re doing?” Jun Xiaomo had always been on the run in her previous life – she hardly came across any such bustling festivities, and she barely knew anything about the festivities of the mortal world.

“They should be guessing lantern riddles.”

Rong Ruihan had grown up as a royalty, and he had slipped out of the palace on countless occasions in the past to experience what life outside the palace was like. Thus, he was reasonably familiar with these festivities.

“Lantern riddles?” Jun Xiaomo’s curiosity was piqued.

A smile crept up the corner of Rong Ruihan’s lips as he patted Jun Xiaomo’s shoulders and told her, “Wait here for a moment. I’ll be back shortly.”

As soon as he said that, Rong Ruihan began to make his way into the large crowd of people.

“Hey!” Jun Xiaomo wanted to grab a hold of his arm and tell him not to bother himself too much, but Rong Ruihan’s movements were just too...

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