Chapter 174: Dai Yue’s Jealousy

The Heavenly Crane Mountain was an incredibly scenic place. Apart from being used a site for hosting grand events, this place was also well-renown among mortals and cultivators alike as one of the best locations for sight-seeing. Consequently, the Heavenly Crane Mountain was well equipped for such crowds with its fair share of large inns, teahouses and restaurants.

As they walked along a small street with a breathtaking view, Jun Xiaomo and Rong Ruihan finally found themselves arriving before a small, exquisite-looking inn.

“Let’s settle for this place, shall we?” Jun Xiaomo turned around and suggested to Rong Ruihan.

If they had walked down the street just a little bit more, they would find themselves entering an adjoining street which was lined with restaurants, teahouses and eateries. This adjoining street was far busier and bustling with activity. However, Jun Xiaomo had decided to settle on a quieter place.

This little inn was located slightly off the main street, and the traffic here was sparse. Furthermore, this little inn had several elegant looking booths available for their guests to have a private little discussion over their meals, and it looked particularly attractive for their purposes.

“Alright.” Rong Ruihan responded affirmatively. If anyone else were around, they might have found Rong Ruihan to be rather cold.

But this was not the case. He was simply not used to beating about the bush and lacing his words with formalities and pleasantries. He much preferred getting straight to the point when...

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