Chapter 173: Dai Yue’s Change of Heart

Although the Sect Elders’ schemes were vile and infuriating, Jun Xiaomo was still relatively unperturbed about the prospects of any incidents arising during the course of the competition.

Quite apart from the fact that she had already given a stack of talismans to each of her martial brothers and sisters from Heavenly Peak, she knew that there was no way these schemers would be able to do too much during the competition under public scrutiny.

Furthermore, the title of cultivation fanatics conferred on the Heavenly Peak disciples was not simply for show. Each and every one of these Heavenly Peak disciples were easily ranked among the top of their contemporaries. It could never be an easy thing to scheme against them given their abilities.

Thus, Jun Xiaomo temporarily placed her worries and concerns for her martial brothers and sisters on the backburner.

That said, these burdens had occupied her mind for the entire day, and they had caused Jun Xiaomo to completely overlook the fact that she had intended to look for Rong Ruihan at the end of the day. Fortunately, Rong Ruihan was of the same mind as her, and he looked for her of his own volition as well.

Rong Ruihan approached the Heavenly Peak entourage as they were on their way back to the inn.

“Xiaomo, it’s been a long time.” Rong Ruihan stood squarely across Jun Xiaomo as he greeted her. His chiseled appearance was supplemented by an expression of warmth and tenderness.

“Who are you? What are you looking for martial sister Xiaomo...

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