Chapter 172: Grand Arrival of Du Clan’s Head

This unexpected development weighed heavily on Jun Xiaomo’s heart like a huge rock. There was no longer a trace of smile on Jun Xiaomo’s face, and her crestfallen expression cast a dark shadow over her face.

Just then, a warm and firm hand pressed on Jun Xiaomo’s head and patted it.

“Mum…” Jun Xiaomo came back to her senses and turned to look behind her.

“You’re just seventeen years-old. Leave these things to the adults. Don’t think too much about it. Just focus on your competition at hand.” Liu Qingmei’s soft and warm voice cajoled her.

A trace of warmth washed across her heart and the ends of her lips curled into a faint smile. Jun Xiaomo nodded her head as she lightly responded, “Mm, alright. Mum, don’t worry about me.”

Liu Qingmei found that her daughter had never been truly happy ever since Ye Xiuwen’s disappearance from the Sect. But she knew that no amount of consolation would be able to rouse her daughter from this faint stupor of hers. Her daughter had to recover on her own.

After patting her daughter’s shoulder, Liu Qingmei returned back to her husband’s side.

The Secondary Inter-Sect Competition were separated to two main segments. The first component was individual battles, which was subdivided into the Lower Category, the Middle Category and the Open Category, while the other component was group battles. The group battles were slated to take place after the conclusion of the individual battles.

Both the individual battles and group battles were conducted in the style of...

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