Chapter 170: Two Ladies in Red!

Dawn Sect’s arrival at the Heavenly Crane Mountain created a little uproar among all who were present. As the long-term fixture among the top three places in the Secondary Inter-Sect Competition, Dawn Sect naturally drew the attention of all other sects around.

When they arrived, the Dawn Sect attracted all types of looks, ranging from admiration, to astonishment, to resignation, and others. As a result, several disciples within the Sect found themselves unwittingly puffing up their chests proudly as they revealed a prideful and smug look on their faces.

They counted themselves lucky that they hailed from the Dawn Sect. After all, it was only with the Dawn Sect’s reputation that they were able to feel like such an important person or guest in this event.

However, they forgot one important detail – the Sect’s strength was not necessarily commensurate with their own strength. In fact, it was generally those who were most prideful and puffed up that fell the hardest in the end. This was a painful lesson that these disciples were going to learn through this iteration of the quinquennial Secondary Inter-Sect Competition.

At the beginning, Jun Xiaomo was hardly conspicuous when she entered with the rest of the Dawn Sect. This was because the disciples from each Peak formed each a contingent as they marched into the competition venue. In the same fashion, Jun Xiaomo had walked among her martial brothers, and their tall and large bodies obscured the small frame that she possessed.

But as soon as the Dawn Sect disciples dispersed from formation...

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