Chapter 167: Rescinding the Marriage Arrangement

Every sect in the cultivation world was separated and classified by different grades, namely, Elementary Sects, Secondary Sects, Greater Sects, Supreme Sects and Hidden Sects.[1]

Dawn Sect was classified as a Secondary Sect, while the eight great sects as well as Little Chi’s sect were all considered Hidden Sects.

Hidden Sects generally refrained from participating in the Inter-Sect Competitions. That said, they were still not to be looked upon with contempt or derision. In fact, even members of the Supreme Sects would think twice before challenging the members of Hidden Sects.

This was because Hidden Sects were largely formed by the bloodlines of a single clan. In turn, these clans generally possessed incredible, heaven-defying talents for cultivation, or certain special abilities.

How Jun Xiaomo had stirred the wrath of the eight great sects in the past was something that she would rather not think about for now. At present, what was most important to her was how she could obtain the rights to participate in the upcoming Secondary Inter-Sect Competition.[2]

Every five years, the Secondary Sects would congregate and organize a massive competition where they would pit their disciples against each other, and the top three Sects would be granted the opportunity to participate in the Greater Inter-Sect Competition.

If they were able to come out victorious in these Greater Inter-Sect Competitions,...

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