Chapter 166: Imperative Rescission of the Marriage Arrangement

The Dawn Sect had suffered heavy casualties from their disciples’ last travels. Not only did they lose two distinguished disciples at the peak twelfth level of Qi Mastery, most of the other disciples who travelled out together with them had perished as well. The only consolation was the fact that two disciples managed to return to the Sect. The first was Qin Lingyu, and he had already successfully broken through to the Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation. The other was Yu Wanrou, and she was following closely on his heels.

Not only that, both disciples who returned from these travels had experienced a fairly substantial boost to their cultivation levels. Qin Lingyu had in one fell swoop leapt two qualitative levels, straight into the secondary-tier Foundation Establishment level, while Yu Wanrou had also managed to increase her cultivation level from the sixth to the eighth level of Qi Mastery.

Nobody knew exactly what happened in the Mystic Woods, or what these two disciples had been through. But as the only two disciples to return from the travels, they were undeniably in the limelight, and received all types of looks from the other disciples, ranging from curiosity, to admiration, to respect, and even to that of concern.

This was one of the reasons why Jun Xiaomo had in her heart viewed their return to the Sect as one that was filled with glory.

Right now, the Secondary Inter-Sect Competition [1]was soon about to begin. Given that they had lost two powerful disciples to these travels, the Dawn Sect had no choice but to place all of their hopes on Qin Lingyu’s back. This further augmented the glory and attention that was showered upon...

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