Chapter 165: Jun Xiaomo’s Growth

Winter and spring, summer and autumn. The ebb and flow of time swept across the lands. In the blink of an eye, one full year had passed since Jun Xiaomo had returned to the Dawn Sect.

The commotion that day was deeply etched and ingrained in the hearts of every member of the Dawn Sect – Jun Linxuan had carried his bloodied daughter as he rushed back to the Sect. A teary-eyed Liu Qingmei followed closely behind him, evidently fraught with worries and concerns for her daughter’s safety.

But all that stood to reason. After all, their only daughter had been reduced to such a tragic state! As parents, how could Jun Linxuan and Liu Qingmei not be upset and worried for her?

Nevertheless, this was the first time that anyone within the Dawn Sect had seen Jun Xiaomo in such a tragic state. She did not even suffer injuries remotely close to this when she had received punishment for trespassing the Sect’s forbidden grounds!

The Dawn Sect disciples could vaguely see Jun Xiaomo’s limbs and face through her clothes that were completely soaked through with blood.

Deep lacerations covered her entire skin, and some were so deep that even her bones could be seen. Half-curdled blood stained her wounds as trace amounts of blood continued to drain out from her body. It was a bloodcurdling sight.

Jun Xiaomo’s breath was incredibly weak, and the lack of vigor made her look as good as dead.

Everyone knew that Jun Xiaomo was the daughter of Heavenly Peak’s Peakmaster. Everyone knew that Jun Xiaomo had been pampered and spoilt growing up. How could she withstand such immense suffering and such punishing, grievous injuries?

Perhaps Jun Xiaomo might not make it through this time? Those who saw the extent of her injuries found their thoughts drifting to the same place as they silently parted ways for Jun Linxuan and Liu...

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