Chapter 164: A Newfound Master and Disciple

This white-haired old man did not consciously suppress his own cultivation level. As a result, Ye Xiuwen could feel an incredible suppressive force arising out of the difference between their respective cultivation levels. This feeling was extremely uncomfortable and suffocating. It felt as though every single cell within his body was forcibly being compressed into a smaller space.

Despite that, Ye Xiuwen remained stoic and revealed none of his discomfort on his face, and he continued to gaze calmly at the old man staring at him.

This was because he did not detect any killing intent emanating from the old man’s body. Thus, he knew that he could calmly face the old man’s suppressive force without any concerns.

However, now that the old man said he was going to accept Ye Xiuwen as a disciple, his calm disposition was instantly shattered, and it turned into anxiety and shock.

“What’s the matter? Can’t believe yer gettin’ such a nice piece o’ pie?” The old man stroked his beard as he nonchalantly added, “I know, I know…with my strength, acceptin’ such a young sprout that has just entered the Foundation Establishment stage like ye is truly yer fortune. But don’t let it get to yer head! I have my conditions! I’ve checked yer cultivation and yer bone structure while you were sleepy headed earlier, and I realized yer pretty suited for my self-created techniques. And besides, I saw from yer memory that yer personality ain’t too shabby either. So, I decided to accept ye as my disciple… How’s that? So happy that yer stunned?”

The old man noticed that Ye Xiuwen had grown taciturn, so he intentionally added that last line in order to elicit a response from Ye Xiuwen.

Ye Xiuwen was truly flabbergasted....

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