Chapter 163: Ye Xiuwen’s Successful Breakthrough

Ye Xiuwen had instinctively used the last of his strength to toss Jun Xiaomo back up to the surface. His heart had barely considered the consequences.

There was only a single notion in his mind – and that was that Jun Xiaomo must not fall down into the Death’s Gorge with him.

The winds rushed past his ears with a swooshing sound as the light at the end of the crevice grew further and further away. A shrill, heartrending cry rang out after him – “Martial brother!!!”

Ye Xiuwen grimaced.

Little martial sister is going to be extremely upset for a while, isn’t she? I guess it’s going to be like when she thought her little packrat had died.

Perhaps my little martial sister is going to cry again… But he knew that there was no way he could console her this time.

Bearing these regrets on his heart, Ye Xiuwen stared vacantly at the light at the end of the crevice as it grew smaller and smaller, until it had become nothing more than a slit. Then, just as the light vanished completely, Ye Xiuwen also slowly shut his eyes.


After some time, Ye Xiuwen finally regained consciousness once more. He had been roused to his senses by the waves of excruciating pain coming from within his body.

…I’m still alive?

Ye Xiuwen lifted his head, but he could no longer see the light at the end of the crevice. This was testament to the fact that he was now an incredible distance away from where Jun Xiaomo had been. There was no way Jun Xiaomo could...

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