Chapter 162: Arrival of Jun Linxuan and Liu Qingmei

“Hmph. There’s no way that ugly monster can still be alive if he’s fallen into the Death’s Gorge.” Du Lianqin took delight in Jun Xiaomo’s misery as she chuckled, “Seems like you’re not aware of what exactly the Death’s Gorge is, huh? Since time immemorial, no one that has fallen into the Death’s Gorge has been able to come back out alive. That ugly monster martial brother of yours has already joined the ranks of these fallen ancestors of his.”

Jun Xiaomo turned around fiercely and glared menacingly at Du Lianqin. An all-consuming hatred swelled up within her and filled her gaze with the desire to destroy everything around her.

Du Lianqin was momentarily stunned by that ghoulish gaze on Jun Xiaomo’s eyes, but she reminded herself that Jun Xiaomo was all by herself right now. There was nothing to be afraid of. Thus, a vicious smile crept up her charred face as she smirked, “What is it? Do you hate me? This cultivation world has always been dominated by the strong. So what if you hate me? How about this, why don’t you let me send you down to the depths of the abyss to join your ugly companion, hmm? This way, you won’t be left all alone on the surface, and you can join your ugly companion in death.”

The indignation in Jun Xiaomo’s heart burnt like a roaring inferno. Every cell within her body was crying out “revenge” in unison right now. The true energy within her body toiled and flowed incessantly…until finally, a wave of strong ripping sensation coursed through the meridians within her body, and Jun Xiaomo spat out a mouthful of crimson-red blood!

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. But under the operation of the intense hatred which filled every corner of her...

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