Chapter 161: Tragedy at the Death Gorge

Du Yongxu had thought of robbing and killing Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen because the way they dressed had caught his eye.

They looked different from usual cultivators. Sect disciples from large and reputable sects were invariably extremely particular about the way they dressed. Some would don themselves with clothing and accessories that would boost their offensive or defensive abilities, while others would ensure their clothing and accessories would possess elemental affiliations that complemented their own.

Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen looked extremely haggard as a result of their earlier battles. Notwithstanding that, it was obvious that their clothing and accessories were not things that were commonly seen.

In particular, Jun Xiaomo was even wearing the earrings and the little jade ornament that were gifted to her by Rong Ruihan and old man Chi respectively. Both of these items had been imbued with a portion of their previous owner’s power, and the faint traces of energy seeping out each of these items were extremely tantalizing and alluring.

Naturally, Jun Xiaomo was unable to detect these faint traces of energy seeping out of her possessions because her cultivation level was still too low. She did not possess sufficient spiritual sensitivity yet. In fact, only Du Yongxu among everyone from the Du Clan present possessed sufficient sensitivity to notice this.

But it was precisely because he had sensed the energy emanating from these ornaments on Jun Xiaomo that the greed and avarice in his eyes were overflowing right now.

As he engaged with Ye Xiuwen in combat, a part of his mind was...

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