Chapter 160: Built on the Lives of Others, the Du Clan

A mutated Basilisk Fruit? Ye Xiuwen’s heart shuddered. He finally understood why this Basilisk Fruit looked so different and special. In fact, he had attempted to store the mutated Basilisk Fruit into his Interspatial Ring during the battle earlier, but to no avail. This must also have been a by-product of the Basilisk Fruit’s mutation.

This was precisely why this group of people knew that Ye Xiuwen possessed a Basilisk Fruit right now.

He clutched tightly at the Basilisk Fruit in his hands, and a trace of hesitation flashed across his eyes.

If he had been alone, he would have refused that young lady’s request without any hesitation. He would never compromise, even if that meant fighting another arduous battle with the group of people before him.

This was because compromising and admitting defeat was not something that the disciples of the Heavenly Peak would ever do. Furthermore, that lady was obviously humiliating him. How could he just take things lying down like that?!

That said, he knew that his little martial sister had been severely injured and was relying solely on him right now. The consequences could potentially be disastrous if he chose to act recklessly.

Just as his heart was deeply tangled by these deliberations of his, Jun Xiaomo, with her head still hung low, whispered, “Don’t give it to her.”

“Xiaomo?” Ye Xiuwen lowered his head and looked at Jun Xiaomo lying in his b...

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