Chapter 157: Qin Lingyu’s Care

Qin Lingyu’s heart was not filled with elation even though he had just averted certain death. This was because he felt that the only people in this god-forsaken place who could possibly restrain Situ Cang’s attack with one move must be that little packrat’s family members.

Qin Lingyu had thought that old man Chi and his grandchildren had returned. Truth be told, falling to old man Chi was not far better than falling to Situ Cang. In fact, falling to Situ Cang might be quicker and cleaner.

Thus, Qin Lingyu shuddered as he looked back into the sky where the attack had come from. Then when he finally saw who had come, his eyes were instantly filled with jubilation, and the earlier uneasiness in his heart had dissipated completely –

“Martial uncle Jun!” Qin Lingyu called out to the man standing in the sky right now, worrying that his martial uncle had not noticed him.

The man standing in the sky was indeed none other than Jun Linxuan and Liu Qingmei who had left the Sect and made their way to the Mystic Woods in order to search for their daughter, Jun Xiaomo. Within moments, they descended from the sky and landed, each in front of Qin Lingyu and Yu Wanrou, just in time to block Situ Cang’s second wave of attacks.

Situ Cang’s cultivation had already fallen to the advanced-tier Nascent Soul stage, while Jun Linxuan’s cultivation was still at the secondary-tier Immortal Ascension stage. Thus, the latter was able to block Situ Cang’s attacks with hardly any effort.

Qin Lingyu finally saw hope. He crawled on the floor and made his way...

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