Chapter 156: Situ Cang’s Frenzy

Ever since he had been appointed the Inferno Kingdom’s Grand Vizier, Situ Cang had always basked in the glory of the looks of admiration from his subjects. It had been an incredibly long time since the last time Situ Cang was reduced to such a tragic state.

Every single bone in his body had been crushed and shattered by old man Chi’s aura. All of his defensive talismans, accessories and ornaments had been completely spent as well. Presently, he laid motionless on the floor, no better than a living corpse. If not for the momentary shallow gasps of air that he took, anyone who passed by would almost certainly mistake him for a corpse.

“Cough, cough…” Situ Cang’s head drooped down as he coughed out two swathes of blood. His bulging eyes were bloodshot and filled with a depraved gaze, while his body was completely soaked through with blood. At this moment, he looked no different from a demon that had just crawled up from the depths of hell.

Even though old man Chi had not taken his life, his injuries were nevertheless incredibly grievous. As soon as old man Chi departed from this place, he had practically taken out two-thirds of the best medicinal pills within his Interspatial Ring, stuffed them all into his mouth and swallowed them. Otherwise, with such terrifying injuries, even three full months of rest might not be sufficient for him to regain his ability to move.

Situ Cang’s heart was filled with hatred, but...

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