Chapter 155: Heartrending Goodbyes

In the end, Rong Ruihan decided to leave with old man Chi and his clansmen. Although Rong Ruihan’s abilities were second to none among his contemporaries, they were nothing compared with the rest of the cultivators in the world.

He needed to get stronger. It was only with sufficient strength that he would finally be able to avenge his mother and his clansmen.

And to protect those whom he wished to protect.

Some distance away, Jun Xiaomo was saying her final goodbyes to the little packrat as it nestled comfortably in Shao Sirong’s bosom. As he watched them say their goodbyes, a swathe of complicated feelings swelled up in the depths of his eyes for a moment, before they quickly disappeared into a complete stillness once again.

Rong Ruihan consciously resolved to suppress the thoughts hidden in the depths of his heart until he could finally obtain the strength that he needed, just like how he did in his dreams.

“Little Packie, be good. You can only turn back to your human form when you get back to your sect. Once you’ve recovered and healed up fully, I’ll invite you over as guests to the Heavenly Peak, alright?” Jun Xiaomo gently stroked the little packrat’s nose with her index finger as she cajoled.

Jun Xiaomo was still unable to shed her previous habits despite knowing that the little packrat was a human and not a...

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