Chapter 154: The Truth of the Past

Jun Xiaomo had just grilled some meat, and she was about to bring the grilled meat back on a plate. Just then, she noticed that an intense gaze had landed on her body. She looked up and followed this gaze straight back to a pair of abstruse, obsidian-black eyes. These eyes were staring at him with a multitude of complicated emotions roiling within them.

“Rong Ruihan, you’re awake?” Jun Xiaomo did not want to overcomplicate things. Thus, she shrugged off the contents of Rong Ruihan’s gaze and greeted him in a straightforward and candid manner. At the same time, she placed the plate of grilled meat onto the table.

“Ohhh~~~ This grilled meat smells great! Little girl, your cooking is pretty good, huh!” Old man Chi sniffed at the aroma of the grilled meat that was diffusing through the air. Within moments, he had made his way to the table side, whipped out a pair of chopsticks from his Interspatial Ring, and sent a piece of glistening, grilled meat straight into his mouth. As he chewed his food, he continued to mumble compliments at Jun Xiaomo, “Delicious, delicious!”

Jun Xiaomo chuckled. Although she had only just met old man Chi a little while ago, this senior had already given her a great impression of himself. Old man Chi did things in a straightforward and upright manner, and he stuck strongly to his own set of principles. These were all characteristics that coincided with Jun Xiaomo’s...

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